This is a great change

Hello! We have received feedback from Chinese users and hope to improve the network quality of KVM. Yesterday, we upgraded the KVM network in Los Angeles. Now we have the network line of cn2 GIA in China. Please test the feedback. If you have other problems, you can tell us that we will change them. Los Angeles ... Read More »

13th Aug 2022
KVM is online in Los Angeles

Dear partner

We inform you that our KVM node in Los Angeles has been launched. At present, the China US direct network, China Telecom and China Unicom are very friendly. You can open the test. In the future, we will launch KVM based on China Telecom GIA network.

22nd Mar 2022
KVM cannot connect to the Internet


Because the network problem of the KVM system will cause the newly opened KVM host to be unable to connect to the Internet, you need to manually activate the KVM. We are dealing with this problem. After the processing is completed, we will notify you again.

16th Apr 2021